Thursday, June 5, 2008

Shrimp with Walnuts, Avocado and Toasted Cumin Vinaigrette

Looking for something absolutely divine to change your mind about what’s for dinner?

Don’t want to make too much of a mess but have something worthwhile on your dinner plate that will astound and please your fellow eaters?

You might want to try this one.

Rich, creamy avocado, spritely lemon juice, toasted walnuts with a toasted cumin vinaigrette..a hint of garlic in the dressing combined with crunchy celery, radishes and red onion topped with a quick sautéed shrimp spicy with crushed red pepper on top of crisp cold mixed baby greens.

Oh, baby.

Shrimp with Walnuts, Avocado and Toasted Cumin Vinaigrette

1 cup mixed baby greens
¼ cup Toasted Cumin Vinaigrette*
1 avocado, peeled and cut into chunks
½ cup walnuts, coarsely chopped and toasted
½ cup diced celery
½ cup sliced radishes
2 tbsp finely chopped Spanish red onion, soaked in ice water for 10 minutes and drained
12 large shrimp, 21-25s, tail on
A good swirl extra virgin olive oil
A good shake hot crushed pepper flakes
Freshly ground black pepper

Toss a bit of the dressing on the greens place on salad plate.

Heat a bit of olive oil in large skillet over medium high heat. When oil shimmers, add the shrimp and a good shake of the hot crushed pepper flakes and cook quickly until shrimp turn pink.
Season with freshly ground black pepper.

Mix remaining ingredients together in bowl with just enough dressing to lightly coat the ingredients.
Place on top of greens and give it a good grinding of pepper before serving.

Toasted Cumin Vinaigrette
1-½ tbsp cumin seeds, toasted til fragrant and coarsely ground in spice grinder
2/3 cup fruity olive oil
1/3 cup roasted garlic oil
1 large lemon, juiced
Coarse salt and freshly ground black pepper

Whisk together in bowl and let sit while you prep the salad.

Serves 2 generously.


noble pig said...

This looks awesome! What a great combination!

cook eat FRET said...

what noble said... love that combo. this would be amazing with chicken or fish...

Jessy and her dog Winnie said...

Looks great! I got to get some shrimp, and try this recipe!

Mary Coleman said...

Cathy: It is a grand combo.

Claudia: Most definitely! :)

Jessy: It will be worth the try.