Saturday, August 23, 2008

Asian Grilled Salmon with Warm Soba Noodle Salad

In the interest of the good health that seems to be abounding around the Red Brick Ranchero, I’ve been concentrating my culinary efforts on things that are good for you.

Checking the ingredients of this particular effort, we find :

Salmon. Good for you.

Edamame. Good for you.

Garlic. Good for you.

Ginger. Good for you

Soba noodles. Surely they are good for you.

Throw in sautéed red bell peppers, green onions, toasted sesame oil and you’ve got something here.

A meal that‘s, well, good for you. And is too easy.

And tastes divine. For supper and lunch the next day.

Asian Grilled Salmon with Warm Soba Noodle Salad

3 garlic cloves, chopped
1 inch piece of ginger, peeled, chopped
Extra virgin olive oil
1 red bell pepper, diced
1 cup cooked edamame, ( I used the ones from Costco that are seasoned)
3-4 green onions, trimmed and chopped
2 nice pieces wild salmon, seasoned with a bit of tamari and black pepper
Fresh cilantro for garnish
Toasted sesame oil
Fresh lime
6 ounces dry soba noodles, cooked and drained

Grill the salmon til just done. Heat large skillet with a couple of good swirls of extra virgin olive oil and add the green onions and red bell peppers. Cook about five minutes. Add garlic and ginger and cook about five minutes, don’t let it burn. Add edamame and stir til the edamame is hot. Remove from heat then add the cooked noodles and toss well, drizzle with the toasted sesame oil to your taste. Cut the salmon into nice chunks. Put the noodle mix on the plate and top with the chunks of salmon, drizzle with toasted sesame oil and a squeeze of fresh lime and a touch of fresh cilantro.

Dinner for 3!


Fearless Kitchen said...

This looks really delicious. I'm not sure why, but noodle dishes seem to look even better as we wind down toward fall.

Pam said...

Again, you never disappoint! It sounds fabulous!

noble pig said...

These are great ingredients, and it looks wonderful!

fluffernutter said...

I love soba noodles. Hot or cold. Love them. Once we started our new healthy eating without carbs, we were shocked at their glycemic index. Sadly, we had to give them up. Isn't that a drag? We can eat ribs but not soba noodles.

Mary Coleman said...

Thanks guys! It is delish and so easy!