Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Green Chilaquiles with Shrimp

Sometimes dinner comes from within, a desire for a flavor.

A tomatillo or five sitting on the counter. You touch the husk and think about what you’ve read. And how to deal with them by removing the husk and rinsing the sticky green fruit.

Roasting those tomatillos, til they blacken, pureeing them in blender with half a chopped sweet red onion, a spoonful of garlic confit, one small fresh jalapeno, a small handful of fresh cilantro and a bit of coarse salt and pepper til blended ..then putting it in a hot skillet and cooking it in a bit of roasted garlic oil til it thickens a bit and covering it with homemade roasted chicken stock and cooking it down for twenty minutes til it coats the back of the spoon.

It’s a smooth motion. Seems to come from somewhere inside of you.

In the meantime, you’ve cut up some corn tortillas and stuck them in a 325 degree oven for twenty minutes to get crunchy. Of course you have swiftly sautéed a few big ole shrimp with a bit of coarse salt and pepper in a swirl of extra virgin olive oil ….worlds collide and everything is ready…you stir the crunchy corn tortillas into the tomatillo sauce…and the shrimp is thrown in with style grated Manchego cheese is sprinkled on top and chopped cilantro on the top of that and you say, “ thank you Martha Rose for the inspiration from Mexican Light Cooking” and you bring the skillet to the table with big napkins and forks and candles and have a sip of a great Shiraz from a dear friend and Teddy Pendergrass sings…Wake Up Everybody.

It’s a good night.

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Jennifer Hess said...

That is Just. Lovely.

Mary Coleman said...


Pam said...

Fabulous as usual! I'm thinking about trying to grow some tomatillos in pots. I love them so.

ponteuf said...

this just looks fabulous... will tomatillos grow here in TN?

Mary Coleman said...

Pam: Thanks sweetie pie!!
Ponteuf: Welcome! I'm so glad you stopped by. I don't know about them growing here. It would be worth a shot, though. I do love them. Love your website too.
Hope you enjoy Franklin. It's a great place.

cook eat FRET said...

hey - i finally figured it out! your writing voice...

you're the foodie version of the j. peterman catalog! i love it!

beautiful dinner
just wonderful