Monday, March 28, 2011

Fine, and You?

Chocolate Truffle Cake from Dessert Designs

It's been awhile.


A long while.

No, I didn't quit eating.

It started out as taking a break.

And turned into something much more than that.

It went from being a busy fall into Thanksgiving.

And then it went to hell.

A yearly mammogram gone horribly wrong.

Ten days later a stereotactic biopsy.

A diagnosis the day before Christmas Eve.

Two weeks later a lumpectomy.

Followed a month later by thirty three days of radiation.

That ended today.

I was lucky.

No lymph nodes involved.

No chemo necessary and voluntary radiation to be sure the cancer cells were gone.

And no follow up pill.

As one doctor at Vanderbilt said, "if you had to pick a breast cancer to have, this would be it."


I'll remember that.

Food wise, there were a lot of Stouffer's Macaroni and Cheese suppers, my personal go-to for stress eating.

And there were lots of wonderful meals, shared with Groom by a warm fire and surrounded by four leggedy loved ones.

There were lots of Sundays with precious child Kate, watching Glee and Modern Family.

Many close friends who kept food, wine, laughter and books flowing around us as Groom and I found our way together through a difficult time.

And mother, always there, reminding me of who I am and how to keep going.

And get cooking.

And start Feeding Groom.




Marie said...

Mary, I feel a bit ridiculous commenting after your post has been up over a month - but - hell! I have been buried in my own life and not visiting many blogs at all... I am sorry for all you have been through, and perhaps are still experiencing. Sending you belated love and good wishes...

Cindy said...

Wow--I did not realize at all (I've been gone from the blogosphere for a while too). SO glad to know you are on the other side of it. It's a tough road isn't it? I had a mastectomy six years ago, no follow-up chemo. but plenty of menopause inducing drugs. But yeah, I'm fine too. Kind of gives a new meaning to that word, doesn't it?

Marie said...

Hi Mary - How do I get in touch with you, not via the blog?


Anonymous said...

Whoa! First off, thank you for sharing your testimony. Thank God you are well and that you have such supportive family and friends to help make things a little easier. I only stopped by today for your version of Mary Herbert's chocolate cake, and I am so glad I decided to keep clicking...I wish you the best, have a wonderful day and thank you again for your blog and most of all for your honesty. This may inspire someone to stop putting off their own breast exam.